Debut Party

The Jane Game had her debut into society on the 21st of February earlier this year. She graced her guests with laughter, wit, and delight.

Here are some of the party’s diversions: 


The guest of honor and her creator.

Thank you Andrea Flynn for hosting the game’s party, Aspen for the organization, and Rhonda and Leslie for all the last minute help!


My mum and me, co-creators of The Jane Game.

Starting out as one of Jane Austen’s heroines, each guest continued on through the party gathering her (or his) societal tokens of a trip, a ball, and connexions by answering trivia from Austen’s novels. She ended at the church answering questions to marry her hero…if her trivia knowledge lacked, she possibly ended as an old maid!

A little regency dancing in the racquet-ball court. 

Thank you Kimberli Grant for teaching and calling!

Ample amounts of tea and “food for a rambling fancy”  were all labeled with the Austen quotes that inspired their creation.

~Mansfield Park Ch. 22.

Thank you Aspen, Rhonda, Lynnette, Jill, Leslie, RaeLynn, Rebecca, Jenny, Jessica, Emmy, Kris, Kathy and Katie for making the delectable dishes!

"My idea of good company…is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.”

~Persuasion Ch. 16


We had a wonderful time stepping into Jane Austen's world for a few hours. Thank you to all who came and celebrated The Jane Game's debut!